Thought of the Day – Our Full Lifetime Potential

There is research that says that most of us human beings only reach 10% of our full potential in our lifetime. That means we are leaving 90% on the table by the time we die. I encourage you to stop judging how well you are doing by the people around you. Because if you are doing better than them in comparison, you will likely become complacent to further growth. If you are not doing as well as they are you may resign from further growth. My coaching is to look within yourself and focus on continually growing by besting your best.potential-iceburg


Join Mike Jones for “The Fine China” Free Webinar tomorrow at 1pm Central Time


Have you ever thought about who you let eat off of your Fine China? In this interactive Free Webinar, Mike Jones will explain the skills needed to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships. You will also learn the benefits of having increased level of trust, having effective communication, if your are playing to win in all your relationships.

Thought of the Day

The absolute best gift you can give to your significant other, your children, your employer and to your self is to create a better version of you. Investing in your personal growth should not only be a commitment made by your employer.

Thought of the Day

The recipe for more success today is to be happy with yourself. The recipe for more failure today is to wait for others to be happy with you.

Mix-it-Up MIXER with Discover Leadership Training

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Discover Leadership Training Mixer

Discover Leadership Training is having a Mixer on Thursday, September 25th from 5:30 p.m. till 7:30 p.m. at original Carrabba’s Restaurant on Kirby Dr.

Join Mike Jones, Barb Moses and other Team Members at the Discover Leadership Training Mixer. Meet other business professionals in your area while being entertained in a positive atmosphere. There will also be a Special Guest Speaker that will talk about the benefits of “Changing Lives one Employee at a time”. If you are in the Houston area or will be on September 25th, this is an event you will want to attend.

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Discover Leadership Training is dedicated to create a cycle for success for every individual. We help individuals develop tools to drive a profitable business, create the opportunities for individuals to positively transform their lives and develop next level leadership skills for each individual we come in contact with so they can transform their small& medium sized businesses.

Thought of the Day

DSC_0010During one of my recent early morning runs, there were thunder storms in the area. As I was passing one of the few runners out at that early hour, he said to me, “Be sure to avoid those storms today.” As I often do in situations like this, I ask myself, “Why?”, I encourage you not to avoid the storms today, I have learned many times in my life that the “gift is in the storm”.

Be Positive! Positive Thoughts Create Positive Actions

I know with everything happening in the news it’s hard to look at the world in a positive light. Choose to be positive. If you want to change the world for the better, changing it starts with you. Positive and Negative exist in every moment. Focus on the positive things happening in your life and around you and you will begin to notice a change starting with your life. Changing the world starts with you!

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